Названы ключевые направления развития Совета Евразийского женского форума на 2022 год


The Council of the Eurasian Women’s Forum (EWF) under the Federation Council held its final meeting in 2021 on 17 December.

During the meeting, Federal Council Deputy Speaker and EWF Council Chair Galina Karelova provided a recap of the EWF Council’s work in 2021 and also outlined key activities for 2022.

Karelova said that over the three years since the Council was established, its members have managed to form an effective platform to implement initiatives and project activities as well as build a constructive dialogue with international partners. The results of this work were on full display during the 3rd Eurasian Women’s Forum, which was one of the most memorable international events of the outgoing year and was held at a very high level, she said.

Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, more than 2,500 participants from 111 countries and 23 international organizations took part in the Forum with strict sanitary and epidemiological compliance. Karelova said that the demand for the Forum among the international community and the importance of the event within the country confirmed that the project-based approach to its work is the correct one and will be applied in the future based on a decision by Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, who also serves as Chair of the Forum’s organizing committee.

Karelova invited the members of the EWF Council to outline the main priorities for the next year and for the period until the 4th Eurasian Women’s Forum, stressing that there needs to be a focus on implementing the National Action Strategy for Women until 2022 and also to start forming an action plan and programme document that will take effect after 2022.

The senator also paid special attention to interaction with international organizations and associations, as she noted the need to start working on the concept for a permanent coordination mechanism in the Women 20 and a project to develop priority activities for the International Club of Winners of the APEC BEST AWARD.

She also noted the need to promote an educational programme for women on the development of digital skills that was prepared jointly with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and to further scale up the EWF Council’s projects in the regions using the format of visiting lounges.

But Karelova called project activities the main priority in the EWF Council’s work. At present, 23 projects are being implemented together with ministries, departments, and public organizations. They were presented at the 3rd Eurasian Women’s Forum and received high praise among the international community, she said.

Some of the projects have already been a success and proven their effectiveness, Karelova said. An example of such a project is the ‘Woman Leader’ educational programme, as part of which more than 400 women from 56 regions have come up with 72 socially significant initiatives.

Karelova also pointed out the impressive results of the mentoring programme as part of the ‘Woman Leader’ project, which resulted in the intensive development of projects under the guidance of experienced mentors, including members of the EWF Council. To this end, she proposed scaling up the programme to all the projects being implemented by the Council.

Continuing the theme of project activities, Karelova spoke about the need to update some of the existing projects and asked the coordinators to provide project development plans for 2022 as soon as possible.

In conclusion, the senator said that the Council members had carefully analysed the proposals made at the EWF and decided to present and approve the following projects in an effort to further develop the EWF Council’s project activities: ‘Women’s Leadership in Investment’, ‘Women’s Cooperation in International Trade’, and ‘Environmental Platform of the Eurasian Women’s Forum’. Karelova noted the importance and potential of the projects and expressed hope that they will be actively implemented and presented at the 4th Eurasian Women’s Forum.