First Eurasian Women's Forum

Towards peace, harmony and social well-being

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St. Petersburg

September 24-25, 2015


The Eurasian Women's Forum is the largest established international platform for discussing the role of women in contemporary society.

The First Eurasian Women's Forum was held on September 24-25, 2015 in St. Petersburg under the motto "Towards Peace, Harmony and Social Well-being”. It showed a positive trend towards consolidation of the international women's community for the sake of peace, justice, harmony and social well-being.

The interest to the Forum was so high that it was "Eurasian" by name only: representatives of all five continents - more than 1,000 female leaders from 80 countries - took part in the Forum, including the presidents of chambers of parliaments of several countries, representatives of executive authorities, including deputy prime ministers and ministers of governments, representatives of the business community, the scientific community and public organizations, influential figures of the international women's movement.

At the plenary sessions and four discussion platforms ("Women and power: the world's sustainable development agenda", "Women in a changing economy: new opportunities and challenges", "Women in the formation of a global health strategy", "Women in the development of humanitarian cooperation and philanthropy") the Forum participants discussed issues of sustainable development, the need to ensure environmental, food and information security, the situation with refugees, increasing women's participation in politics, economics and business.

The Forum programme also included presentations of humanitarian and charity projects, exhibitions and seminars. The Forum resulted in the adoption of the Final Document reflecting the main ideas and proposals of the participants. The Final Document of the first Eurasian Women's Forum, which was based on the ideas of humanization of international relations, was addressed to leaders of states, political and public figures, representatives of scientific and cultural circles, mass media and public associations.

The document stressed the importance of increasing the role of women in achieving global sustainable development goals, implementation of the new UN development agenda for the period after 2015. It was sent to leaders of 166 countries and to 24 international organizations.The First Eurasian Women's Forum gave momentum to hold regular international meetings of women in Russia and abroad to discuss current socio-economic and humanitarian issues.

Programme of the Forum

The business program of the Forum includes plenary sessions, strategic sessions, expert and discussion platforms, including with opinion leaders, parity discussions, public-private and business dialogues, foresight sessions, webinars, workshops and business breakfasts.

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