Женский форум в Кузбассе - значимый этап подготовки третьего Евразийского женского форума


The second Women’s Forum will be held in Kemerovo on 24–25 May on the theme ‘Women’s Role in the Development of Industrial Regions in a Changing World: COVID-19’ as part of a series of events that are taking place in the run-up to the third Eurasian Women’s Forum.

During a press conference dedicated to the second Women’s Forum in Kuzbass, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova noted the significant importance of the upcoming event. Holding the Women’s Forum in the Kemerovo Region is a key way to expand women’s involvement in the development of the region and other industrial regions. Establishing such platforms as the Forum in Kuzbassmakes it possible to hold discussions on current topics and search for solutions. The year 2020 was a unique one. COVID impacted all aspects of life, but, despite this, work to promote the womens agenda in Russia did not cease. And we truly appreciate the opportunity for live interaction and discussion of an extremely broad range of issues, she said.

Karelova described the second Women’s Forum in Kuzbass as a significant stage in preparations for the third Eurasian Women’s Forum. She said that key discussions at the EWF will focus on women’s new role and mission in ensuring social progress, the development of healthcare, digitalization, the transition to new models of economic growth, and solving global problems related to the environment and climate. “A whole list of events has been compiled that are being held even before the start of the Forum in St. Petersburg. There are plans to hold a regional week, where each day will be thematic and dedicated to women’s involvement in the development of healthcare, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We are interested in representatives of all regions of the Russian Federation taking part in the Forum,” Karelova said.